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Michael from Pennsylvania

Statewide Adoption Network Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange

  • Age17
  • GenderM
  • LocationPennsylvania
  • Case #C37AA10
"Hello, I am Michael! I'm funny, outgoing, and intelligent. I try to get good grades in school because when I'm eighteen and I graduate from high school I want to go to college for science and engineering. I do well in math and it is my best subject. When I graduate from college, I want to move to Pittsburgh and become a scientist and engineer. I'm really good at video games and would like to also have a job creating or testing video games. I hope to find a family I can call mine. I want a mom and a dad who will care for me and who like spending time together at amusement parks and museums. I want them to play video games with me but also go outside with me too. I love pizza and really like making my own. I like cooking and would like to learn to cook more. I have a biological brother that I would like to remain in contact with. Recently, I was at a matching event. It was a little weird at first, but I was able to meet some families and I would like to go to more events in the future." Michael is legally free for adoption. For more information, please contact his recruiter, Nic, at nlandon@familypathways.net.
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