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Ricardo from Pennsylvania

Statewide Adoption Network Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange

  • Age16
  • GenderM
  • LocationPennsylvania
  • Case #C22CC54
"Hi, I'm Ricky! People say I'm sweet and kind. They comment that first I'm kind of shy and serious with them, but then I break out my big smile. I'm just a teen who loves to play basketball and football. I'd like to be the best 3-point shooter ever. I practice a LOT. It feels like I've been practicing all my life. Any time I make a 3-point shot I feel sooo happy. I also think about being a quarterback. I admire Big Ben of the Steelers; he has to throw very accurately. He also has the best sportsmanship and he shows it by being a team player every game. I like his team very much; I even have a Steelers shirt to show my enthusiasm for them! But don't tell Big Ben that the Eagles are my favorite football team! Other things I enjoy are cooking and drawing pictures of sports players. My favorite animal is the golden retriever. I had one growing up and he always drooled on me when I slept. Just the thought of that dog makes me smile! I also like to sing songs when nobody is around. When I get used to being with you, I'll sing around you. I like Justin Bieber's, Charlie Puth's, and Shawn Mendes' songs. Do you know who they are? I'm in high school and you probably could guess that my favorite school subject is gym class. It gives me more time to practice my 3-pointers! My gym teacher comments that I could be a great athlete if I want to be. Plus I'm very health conscious. Playing sports is a good way to get in shape and stay in shape. I take long walks too to help me stay healthy. And I always try to keep my grades up so I can get into a good college after high school, like maybe Notre Dame. I'm doing really well currently and I try very hard to keep it that way. I admit that I could use some help sometimes, especially when I feel other kids don't treat me fairly. I do get along with most kids, though, and they usually support me when I need them to support me. I have two very close friends who are always there to help me if I need them. They've kind of been through the same things I have; we work through things together. If I could choose a specific family, I would prefer a single traditional mother figure as a parent. I hope to be very active with my parent. I enjoy helping out around the house, going food shopping, buying clothes, and sometimes going out to eat. I'd also like siblings who are around my age; I'd play games with them. I prefer outdoor pets too so they don't drool on me. And please understand that spirituality is unfamiliar to me. When it comes to discipline, I prefer my parent to be straightforward about it. That works best for me. And if you live in a small city I would like that because white noise is something I can deal with; I think it's like the city's own special music, special sound. It makes me fall asleep!" Ricky is free for adoption. For more information about him, please contact his recruiter, Marian, at