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Aladria from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age14
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #75495

Aladria is an outgoing and intelligent youth who is fun, spunky, bright, and motivated. She likes animals, and her favorite animal is a dog. She likes to go swimming, do gymnastics, dance, sing, and engage in arts and crafts. Aladria likes volleyball and basketball. She plays for fun, but would like to be on a team at school. She likes all kinds of music, except jazz. Aladria sings a lot and likes Spanish, rock, hip hop, and pop. Ricky Martin, Pit Bull, Keisha, Fergie are her favorite music artists. She needs structure, supervision, support, and nurturance. Aladria enjoys gymnastics, dancing, singing, coloring, and fashion. She wants to be a fashion designer, singer, and rock star when she grows up. Aladria is very outgoing and enjoys meeting new people and getting to know them. She has an engaging personality. Aladria is working on her positive coping skills, better ways to manage emotions, and processing her life story. She is doing well in school. Her favorite subjects are math and science. In the past she has struggled with maintaining focus on her school work and spending more time focusing on her peers. She needs a structured school in order to accommodate her socializing. Aladria receives supportive services to help her following directions and at times she has difficulty accepting redirection. Aladria is working hard to use her coping skills when irritated. She does best when she receives consistent love and praise and when she knows she is truly wanted. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Aladria needs a strong family who is able to set consistent boundaries. She needs patient parents who will advocate for her and have time to give her plenty of one on one attention. Aladria will do best in an active family who will allow her to participate in extracurricular activities as well as parents who have experience parenting children her age. Her ideal parents will be knowledgeable in working with children with quarrelsome behaviors. Aladria has stated she would like an African American family. She needs a consistent and structured environment. Also, a family who will let her go to her room or journal or talk to someone about her emotions when she is upset.

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