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Alejandro from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age12
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80717

Alejandro goes by the nickname ?EURoeAlex.?EUR He is an active child who is very quiet at the onset. In groups, Alex does not open up much, but when you get him one-on-one he can really talk! He likes superheroes, all of the recent Avengers movies, and Pok?(C)mon. Alex is also really interested in cars, especially the ones that are fast and loud! He would probably never admit it, but he sings well and loves to turn up the Christian rock! It is important to know Alex will never turn down an opportunity for Whataburger or a chance to snack. Alex is very patient, respectful, and thoughtful. Alex and his twin brother have siblings who are not part of this adoption. They are close with them and would like to maintain a relationship.

Michael and Alejandro (who goes by "Alex") don't currently live with each other, but they visit every month. Some of the visits have been to the zoo and aquarium, while others have been to the park. Each time they visit, they have a lot of fun together! Michael and Alex have both played soccer in the past. These twins hope some of their future adventures together include bowling, camping, and fishing. When they see each other, their bond couldn't be clearer. They hug and ask about each other's well-being without being prompted. They are very encouraging to one another. They ask about each other's homes and how they like them. Michael is the lighthearted jokester. He is active and enjoys skateboarding, bike riding, and sports. Alex can be very quiet at first, but once you get him one-on-one, he can really talk! He is passionate about cars and superheroes. Michael and Alex are hopeful they will find a forever family soon. They remind each other to never give up the hope that they will get to be together one day.

Alex and his twin brother, Michael, are best suited for a two-parent family. Alex in particular will do well with a mother who has a gentle, but firm, hand in guiding his daily routine and a father who shares some of his interests and will be involved in extracurricular activities. A family with clear and consistent expectations and a structured routine is best for Alex and Michael. They will also do well with parents who are involved in school and are willing to spend time in the outdoors.

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