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Alfred from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82565

Alfred is a bright and friendly teenager with a mellow and calm demeanor. He loves to learn and does well in school. Alfred especially enjoys theater. He has also expressed interest in basketball and choir. Alfred is very interested in pursuing learning a new language. He enjoys going on outings, including attending baseball games, visiting water parks, or going to the movies. Alfred gets along well with others, including adults and peers. He is a very good communicator and is able to have some of the most intriguing conversations, whether it?EUR(TM)s regarding questions about certain readings he?EUR(TM)s doing or topics of interest such as art. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Alfred will thrive in a nurturing family who can provide consistency and structure. He would like to be part of a family where he has siblings. He is very interested in family and having the experiences of eating dinner together, playing around with his siblings, vacationing, and last, but not least, being loved. Alfred needs a family who will be firm, but loving and accepting. Alfred will do best with a family who allows him to express himself and is supportive of him and his goals in life.

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