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Alicia from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81300

Alicia is a happy, talkative child who likes watching "My Little Pony" and cartoons on TV. She also likes reading. Alicia is generally well behaved. At times, she tends to pick on her older sister, Jennifer. Alicia continues to work on improving certain actions that her sisters find annoying. She responds well to redirection when needed. Alicia is polite and likes to share. She is a pleasure to be around. Alicia likes going to school and makes good grades in her classes. She loves eating home-cooked meals and likes enchiladas and macaroni and cheese. Alicia gets along very well with children and adults.

Denis, Jennifer, and Alicia are wonderful children who are very well-mannered. They enjoy doing crossword puzzles in order to learn more English. They also enjoy reading together. As the oldest, Denis is a very helpful and respectful youth. Jennifer is quiet and shy, but gets more talkative once she feels comfortable around people. Alicia is the youngest and is a happy and talkative child. Denis, Jennifer, and Alicia are respectful children who have normal sibling interactions and disagreements for their age range. They are very sweet girls and a joy to have around the house. Denis, Jennifer, and Alicia love each other a lot and want to be adopted together.

Alicia will do very well in a two-parent family who will provide a safe, secure, structured, and nurturing environment. Her family will provide her with consistency, adequate supervision, and encouragement. Alicia needs a family that will provide her with positive role models, love, and affection. She needs caring parents who are willing to dedicate time to building trust and confidence. She will do best with a patient and loving family.

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