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Angela from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age17
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79433

Angela is very outgoing and describes herself as a social butterfly. She enjoys adventures and participating in sporting activities at school, including softball, volleyball, and basketball. Angela has taken on leadership roles, as she motivates players with her team spirit. Angela hopes to become a professional volleyball player. She also enjoys hanging out with her group of friends and interacting with them through social media. Angela strives on building positive friendships and being loyal to her friends. She also describes herself as "girly." She loves to style her hair and wear trendy clothes and accessories. Angela does well in school. When needed, she participates in tutorials for biology and algebra. Her favorite subject is math. She would like to attend and graduate from a four year college. Angela's strength is her capability in voicing her thoughts and opinions. However, Angela is practicing appropriate communication. She desires freedom, independence, and fair treatment. Angela is proud of her Hispanic heritage. Her religious preference is Catholic and she attends church weekly.

Angela will benefit from being placed in a two parent home with both a father and a mother figure. She desires to be placed with one younger sibling. Angela has been placed in Hispanic homes, but is open to other ethnicities; as long as she is assured her heritage will be preserved. Angela should be placed with a family willing to participate in outdoor activities and allow her to participate in sports. She desires to continue being an athlete and will need permanency, dedication, and commitment from her parents. Angela will also benefit from parents with a strong focus on education to ensure she maintains positive grades. Reasonable and rational conversation with authoritative figures will benefit Angela the most, so it's important that the adoptive parents be able to provide this for her.

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