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Angelica from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age14
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80597

Angelica is a very sweet and thoughtful child. She is very creative and she enjoys drawing, coloring, and doing arts and crafts with the family. One of Angelica's favorite past times is going outside and working on the family's garden. She loves to go swimming and playing "mermaids;" she is a very strong swimmer. She would like to swim as fast as a mermaid. Angelica can be silly and giggly; she likes being social with her peers and doing activities with her adoptive family. She is always cheerful and outgoing and she is very animated and expressive. Angelica loves to tell stories and play dress-up.

Angelica and Matthew are both social children who love to play and entertain. They are both creative and have great imaginations. Angelica loves everything about mermaids and would love to learn to swim as fast as they do. Matthew would like to create a time machine to see what it was like in the Ice Age. As siblings, they get along well with each other and enjoy being together. Matthew and Angelica love being outside, swimming or riding bicycles. They also like participating in family events with their foster family. Angelica and Matthew have never been camping before and are looking forward to one day going on a camping trip. They both love everything about being outdoors.

Angelica will do best in a structured environment with clear expectations and rules. Her forever family should be willing to advocate and access services when needed. Angelica is very bonded with her foster parents and will need her forever family to be understanding during the transition to their home. She needs a family who will provide a nurturing environment, set clear and firm limits, and provide consistent boundaries. Her family should be patient and loving, especially when her behaviors are more challenging.

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