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Anthony from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age13
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80707

Anthony is an outgoing and protective young boy. He feels like he is the leader and has to remind his siblings how to behave. Anthony likes to be responsible for his siblings. He loves to play video games and other electronic items. He also loves sports and has recently been introduced to soccer. He likes playing with other children his age and typically gets along with them. Anthony is currently doing well academically in school but is frequently being redirected for his behavior. Anthony is easily influenced and is learning to make his own decisions. He is very sweet and loves attention.

Victor, Anthony, Destiny, and Alina are loving children with huge hearts. They share a very strong sibling bond that is visibly seen by anyone who sees them together. They look forward to every sibling visit with excitement. It is their dream to grow up together, in the same home, with a family who will help them flourish into adulthood. They love sports, dancing, singing, and going on vacations. Victor is the oldest of the group and more laid back. Anthony is next to the oldest and takes on the protector role. He likes to keep his siblings on track. Destiny is the most outgoing. She's always smiling and loves to engage in conversation. Alina is the most curious. She understands that she is the baby of the group and wants to be treated as such. These four are uniquely gifted. Together they produce an abundance of love and are looking forward to sharing that love with a forever family.

Anthony will do well in a home that is very patient and willing to give him extra attention. He will benefit from a home that is loving, stable, and structured. Anthony shares a very close sibling bond and desire to be placed in a home that is willing to accept him and his siblings together. He will do well with a family that will encourage academic development and is also outgoing and active.

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