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Antonio from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81016

Antonio enjoys playing with toy dinosaurs in his spare time. He also enjoys drawing and coloring. Antonio likes participating in outings within the community with his caregivers. Over the summer, he was involved in summer camps and really enjoyed going on field trips and participating in fun activities with his peers. Antonio is caring and socializes with others. Although he can sometimes be non-compliant about following directions, he responds well to frequent redirection. Antonio is an A/B student and enjoys going to school. He also enjoys playing football in the community with his peers. Antonio enjoys receiving (and giving) attention from his caregivers.

Antonio and Alexander interact and engage with one another by watching movies and going swimming. Alexander tends to play a leader role, while Antonio tends to follow his direction. Both children enjoy participating in extracurricular activities such as playing football and basketball. Antonio enjoys playing with toy dinosaurs. Alexander likes to spend his spare time drawing. Like most siblings, at times Antonio and Alexander have disagreements, especially when things do not go as they planned. They are learning how to take responsibility for their actions and lessen their argumentative positions. They respond well to redirection from authoritative figures. In school, Antonio and Alexander are meeting their educational milestones. Both children are spontaneous and enjoy expressing creativity.

Antonio will benefit from a nurturing family who will provide him with attention, love, and affection. He participates in supportive services to address and maintain positive coping skills and support. A family that will allow him the opportunity to continue to participate in supportive services so he will have on-going support will be beneficial. Patience and positive redirection from the family will be helpful when Antonio is not following directions. A family willing to introduce him to new things while preserving his culture is ideal. Antonio's family will need to set rules in place and expect him to follow those rules. His family will need to assist him with achieving his educational milestones. He will benefit from parents who will allow him to be independent, but still provide supervision and support. A structured family that is consistent with their expectations is beneficial. Antonio will do well with or without other children in the home. Antonio and Alexander will be adopted together. They need a family who will show them individual and group attention.

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