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Braden from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age13
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79945

Braden is a shy and quiet child at times and can take a while to open up to new people. He is very active and energetic. Braden loves being involved in several activities and enjoys staying busy. He especially loves outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, horseback riding, and playing sports. Braden would really like to play baseball or football and participate in after-school activities. He is determined, strong-willed, and independent. In school, Braden tries his best and benefits from a little extra help with school work. He works hard to catch up in his classes. Braden is continuing to learn to manage his feelings and behaviors appropriately and will benefit from a patient family who will support him with this. Braden is excited about adoption and looks forward to a bright future.

Braden's forever family will need to provide him with structure and consistent rules. He will thrive with an active family who enjoys being outdoors. He needs a family who will advocate for him in the school setting to ensure his educational needs are being met. Braden will benefit from a family that is very understanding and loving. It is important for his family to let him participate in after-school activities. Braden is hopeful to find a family that is loving, understanding, and will not give up on him.