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Brandon from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80341

Brandon is a sweet, funny, outgoing youth who loves to receive a lot of attention. He enjoys spending time with adults and gets along well with his peers. He is talkative, friendly, and has a good sense of humor. Brandon eagerly participates in extracurricular activities, including arts and crafts, all sports, and fishing. He especially loves animals and really enjoys activities and outings involving them. Brandon likes school and has the potential to excel academically. He will benefit from guidance and encouragement to perform well in school. Brandon is a strong advocate for his own needs and takes a while to trust and warm up to people. Brandon is very eager to be adopted. He really wants to find his forever family.

Brandon needs an active family who will shower him with love and affection. The family will need to nurture him, but at his desired pace. He needs strong, patient parents who will hold him accountable for his behaviors and help guide him to reach his full potential. Brandon will thrive in a family that provides him with consistency, structure, and stability. The best fit for him is either a two parent family with a father who is home and actively participating in parenting, or a single parent home with a male parent.

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