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Brandon from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age14
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79938

Brandon is a youth with a strong sense of identity who advocates well for himself. He has a great smile and is usually happy. Brandon is an energetic youth and likes to be active. He enjoys playing sports like basketball and football. He is moderately athletic and dreams to be a basketball or football player. Brandon is typically jovial and enjoys joking around. He enjoys bantering with his peers and adults. He makes friends relatively easily. Brandon has an artistic side to him. He is a self-proclaimed men's apparel "fashionista." According to his foster parents, Brandon is meticulous about what he wears. He enjoys looking good and dressing well. He also enjoys drawing, which can help with his other life goal, which is to be in fashion. Brandon stated he also aspires to be a rapper. He stated he writes songs, but is a little self-conscious about sharing them. Despite being shy about his music, Brandon is a confident youth. He is intellectually capable and has a lot of great qualities. He can attach well to caregivers and is devoted to the people he loves.

Brandon needs a patient and empathetic family. He needs a nurturing parent to help him improve his self-esteem and become more at ease with socializing. Brandon will grow with parents who will encourage, teach, and support his endeavors. He will do well with parents who are nurturing and also understand age appropriate discipline. Brandon stated he would like a family he can identify with culturally and who are of African American origin. He is a Christian and will probably do better in a home that practices Christian beliefs.

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