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Brandon from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age11
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79017

Brandon is a somewhat quiet, kind-hearted, and mostly laid-back child. He may be quiet at first, but warms up easily. Like most children his age, he loves to spend time with kids his own age and likes hanging out with his brothers, Alfredo and Justin. Brandon likes going to the Boys and Girls Club and participating in all the activities they offer. He also enjoys playing outside with his friends, running around and having a fun time. Brandon is an energetic child, and is the most outgoing of his brothers. He can also be very communicative and talkative. He has a healthy appetite and loves to eat tacos, chicken nuggets, and pizza. Brandon is well-mannered and gets along well with everyone. He is a very curious young boy. Brandon enjoys love, affection, and attention.

Alfredo, Justin, and Brandon love one another and care for each other deeply. All three boys love playing video and computer games. They enjoy having their sibling visitations and enjoy spending time together. As siblings, they get along well and have a strong bond. As the oldest child, Alfredo often takes on a parental role and feels like he is in charge of his younger brothers. He can easily lose patience with them, but has still demonstrated he loves his brothers very much. He is very affectionate and loving towards them. His brothers also tend to look up to him very much. Alfredo is very laid back and likes to take his time in order to do things right. He wants to set a good example for his siblings. Justin tends to defend Brandon and they are especially close with each other. Justin is well behaved, smart, and really enjoys playing video games. He also shows to have a very strong bond with his siblings. Justin is very easy going, and is the perfect balance in the sibling group. Brandon is the youngest of the sibling group. He is very affectionate, and loving. Brandon tends to look for praise and guidance from Justin and always feels safe when he is around him. Justin and Brandon love to play outside, go to the park, and go out to eat at Peter Piper Pizza. They especially enjoy playing the video games at the pizza place.

Brandon wishes to find a family where he is able to form a forever family. He dreams of having a place to call home along with his siblings. Brandon needs a set of caring parents who will love him unconditionally, who will take care of him when he is sick and who will make him laugh when he is sad and push him to be a better person. Brandon wants to come home to open arms full of hugs and kisses. He longs to have a father who will practice sports with him and play video games with him. He needs a place to call his home. Brandon will benefit from a family who is able to provide love, structure, and a lot of affection.