Bryce from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age16
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #78729

Bryce is a determined youngster. He is a talkative and energetic boy who enjoys being busy. Bryce is inquisitive and bright. He has many interests such as playing outside and playing baseball. He enjoys watching movies and cartoons. He likes to play hand held games as well as X-box and Nintendo. Bryce likes to read books about things that interest him so he can learn more about them. He likes to go out to eat and his favorite foods are pizza and hamburgers. Bryce can be inattention at times and is easily distracted at home and at school. Bryce has difficulty with relationships and is working on learning better ways to interact with teachers and authority figures. He is learning to be more cooperative and less argumentative.

Bryce needs a family who will provide him with a structured yet stimulating environment. He needs a family who will help guide him toward making good choices. Bryce would like a family who will keep him involved in extracurricular activities. His family will be patient and willing to participate in services with him. Bryce has requested a two parent home with a mother and a father. He will do best in a home where he is the only or the youngest child.

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