Caden from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age9
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82699

Caden is a very sweet and energetic child. He is extremely active and likes to play outdoors. Caden likes to play basketball and is competitive. He enjoys riding his bike, running, climbing, swimming, and doing just about any type of physical activity. Caden likes to be on the go. He has an adventurous spirit and is the first to try something new. Caden also enjoys watching TV and playing video games. Like his brother, Caden loves anything Pok?(C)mon related. He likes to collect Pok?(C)mon toys and cards. Caden aspires to move to Tokyo become a Pok?(C)mon creator with his brother when they grow up. He likes to play with his brother and other kids his age. Caden responds well to a structured environment and consistency along with love, patience, and positive reinforcement. Caden needs extra help in school and will do well with a family who is encouraging of his academic process. He needs a family who will support his participation in extracurricular activities. Caden is also very loving and caring towards those whom he loves.

Kylar and Caden are full of love and charisma. These boys share a very strong bond that is evident when you meet them. They love playing outdoors, sports, swimming, and also enjoy some downtime watching TV and playing video games. Kylar and Caden both love Pok?(C)mon. They like to watch the movies and TV shows as well as play the Pok?(C)mon cards together. Kylar and Caden have their own distinct personalities. Kylar is shy and quiet when he first meets someone new. Kylar has a nice and pleasant personality. Kylar likes to play on his DS and watch anything Pok?(C)mon related. He also likes to make memories with his brother and play outside with him. Caden is athletic and energetic. He loves to play outside whether it is basketball or riding bikes. Caden also loves video games and will play video games with his brother. Kylar and Caden are very smart and both do well in school with support and structure. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of the South Plains.

Caden will benefit from a two parent home that is structured and consistent. Caden will thrive in a home with loving and active parents who will keep them involved in extracurricular activities. The family will be committed to both children as a sibling group and individually.

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