Chloe from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age13
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81174

Chloe is a sweet girl who loves to be outside and spending time in nature. She is a social child and likes to be around others and to joke and smile. Chloe is a true animal lover and loves catching and playing with lizards outdoors. When Chloe is hiking and looking for animals, she becomes completely captivated. She is an intelligent youth and when she has a goal, she is very motivated to achieve it. Chloe does well in school and enjoys learning but does need help to focus at times. She would enjoy participating in team sports if given the opportunity.

Justice and Chloe are sisters who are ready to find their forever home. They have a close bond with one another and have strongly expressed that they do not wish to be separated. Their relationship is very important to them. Justice and Chloe are both animal lovers and both feel that there are not enough animals in the world. They are very active and enjoy the outdoors. Justice and Chloe are intelligent youth who place high value on their education. The girls like to sing, dance, and be silly together. Justice is the older sister and takes that responsibility seriously. She does tend to let Chloe know when something needs to be done in a different way. While the girls do enjoy time together, they also like their time alone and individual time with caregivers.

Chloe thrives in a structured home and needs a family who will be consistent with rules and boundaries. The family for Chloe will closely monitor her as she adjusts to her new home and help her to develop more appropriate coping skills. They will be attentive to and help her learn techniques to handle her anxiety. She is slow to warm up and needs a family who will patient while she gets to know them. It is important to Chloe that her adoptive family will allow her to maintain important family connections. Chloe wants a mom and dad and would like a family who will participate in sports, hiking, and fishing with her. Chloe is a fun loving girl who wants a family to call her own! There is a court order requiring a Texas placement.

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