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Christian from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age14
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82474

Christian takes time and patience to show his sweetheart personality. Once you finally get past his outer shell, you will come to find out that Christian has many layers of personality. He is not only sweet but audacious too. He can be very sarcastic, as he is highly intelligent and takes satisfaction in being witty. Christian has a need for independence and does not mind letting you know. Due to his analytical and situational persuasiveness, it can cause difficulties in getting along with others. He likes being competitive and likes to win. Christian likes pets, video games, and sports. When asked what is the one thing that makes him laugh he said "sarcasm."

Christian needs a family who is extremely patient and loving. He is in need of a family who will stick through the many layers of his personality. Christian may test limits just for reactions. The family he needs will aware and able to handle the areas in which Christian needs help stabilizing. Christian needs a strong supportive environment that will allow him to continue to grow and heal, He needs a family who will him appropriate ways to express his emotions and frustrations. He will best in a home with few other children and on in which he is the main focus. Christian loves pets, especially horses, and will do well in a home that will allow him to have a pet.