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Christopher from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age9
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81882

Christopher is an intelligent, fun, loving boy who enjoys outdoor activities. He is somewhat soft spoken and has good manners. He is full of energy and loves to play basketball. Christopher also enjoys building and fixing things. He is very hands on and inquisitive. He excels academically and is doing very well in school. Christopher's favorite subjects are math and science. He can be easily distracted and has difficulty paying attention. Christopher has a good sense of humor and laughs when people tell jokes or do silly things. He would like to be a mechanic when he is older as he likes to work with his hands. Christopher will be a great addition to any family as he wants to have a sense of belonging and has a warm hearted personality.

Christopher may benefit from a two parent home with a strong father figure who can offer consistency. He needs parents who encourage him and are supportive of him. He desires a family with siblings in his age range, with whom he can to play. Christopher needs a supportive family as well as supportive services to continue to learn how to interact appropriately with others and accept responsibility for his actions.

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