Cody from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age9
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82518

Cody is a sociable youth who knows how to keep a conversation going by sharing endless stories. To add to his storytelling, Cody prides himself on having a vibrant imagination. Like many children his age, Cody loves playing video games. Although an avid lover of video games, Cody enjoys being active, spending time outside and going on trips. He likes a variety of sports, including golf and tennis. He has a natural ability to play just about anything. Cody has been diligently working on improving his math and reading skills, planning to make strides in his academic abilities. Cody has recently been reading for fun.

Cody aspires to join a family with both a mother and father who will welcome him as their own. He hopes to have a family that is healthy, active, and able to care and provide for him. He would like to be part of a family that goes on trips and vacations throughout the year. Since Cody is a sociable child, he hopes to live near a metropolitan area so that he has a better opportunity to interact with children of his age. Cody enjoys living in a home with other children, and will benefit from having siblings who are a couple of years older than him, as he wishes to be the youngest child in the home.