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Cristina from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age6
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82417

Cristina is a vibrant and happy child whose smile can light up a room. She has a contagious laugh. Cristina enjoys reading Dr. Seuss books to her brothers and practicing the new words she learns in school. She likes to wear bows and dresses, and is never caught without a purse to match. Cristina is protective of her brothers and is always looking out for them. She is talkative and social with children and adults. Cristina enjoys riding her bike in the park and playing in bouncy houses. She loves to eat all types of food and can never have enough fruit or chocolate.

Cristina, Jeremy, and Jimmy are full of an immense amount of energy and never sit for long periods of time. They love to eat, so they enjoy sitting still for snack time and meals. Cristina, Jeremy, and Jimmy recently discovered swimming pools and love to splash around in the pool and play with their pool toys and floats. Like most siblings, they tend to have some quarrels; however, they ask for one another when they are not nearby. As the oldest, Cristina likes to teach her brothers about the subjects she learns in school, such as spelling, math, and reading, and correct them if they are wrong. She is protective of her brothers, but also likes to have time to herself. Jeremy and Jimmy usually follow directions from Cristina, but will tell on each other if they are doing something they shouldn?EUR(TM)t be doing. Cristina is a ?EURoegirly-girl?EUR who enjoys dressing up and getting her hair done daily. Jeremy loves to run and play when he gets the chance. He is very affectionate with those he knows well. He prefers to play on his own when his siblings are not around. Jimmy enjoys learning new things daily and prefers to focus on his flash cards and puzzles when he is alone. He likes to help clean up and put things back where they belong.

Cristina will do great with a family that is active and outgoing. She would like to have sisters and older siblings to look up to. She needs a loving family with patience and understanding, as she is still learning social cues and boundaries. Cristina wants to be part of a forever family who will love her and take care of her and her siblings.

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