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Dakota from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age14
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79297

Dakota is an active and outgoing child. He loves to play outdoors and especially loves basketball, football, and soccer. Dakota is a competitive, enthusiastic athlete. He is a fast, strong runner who enjoys using this skill when participating in team sports. Dakota is a natural leader, as he assumes that role with the other kids in his peer group. He is respected by his peers as a helpful, supportive, and empathetic friend. Dakota is patient and he listens and relates well with others. He offers support and comfort when needed. Dakota is an intelligent, creative child who enjoys drawing and building things with Legos. He likes learning new things, enjoys school, and is an active participant in the classroom. He is an especially good speller and feels confident with his math skills. Dakota thrives on adult attention. He is very outgoing and friendly. He truly enjoys bonding with adults as they enter his life in a positive way. He has a strong need for reassurance from others, especially those who can become effective role models for him. He is a resilient child who is seeking approval from adults.

Dakota is in need of supportive parents who are anxious and ready to offer unconditional love and support. He will do well in a two parent home with a strong male role model. Dakota will strongly benefit from parents who are consistent in their child raising and who respond to both positive and negative behaviors in a way that assures unconditional love and appropriate consequences when necessary. Patience is an attribute that would be most useful in dealing with Dakota. He needs to know that he has a voice and is an integral part in the decisions made in the home that will have an effect on him. Dakota will benefit from a home where the parents promote an active lifestyle and where playing together and working together have equal importance. Having space to play in a yard setting is important also. Dakota is anxious to be part of a strong family, a family who will accept him, love him, and encourage him, while actively engaging with him, as he integrates himself into their lives and becomes a valuable and loved member of their family.

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