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Dalton from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age17
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79296

Dalton is somewhat shy at first and likes to take his time getting to know new people. He enjoys his free time by shooting hoops with anyone who is up for a game out on the basketball court or hanging out with friends over some intense video game action. He also enjoys going to the movies and playing football. Some of Dalton's favorite foods are pizza, burgers, and the classic hotdog. In school, his favorite subjects are P.E., English, and math. Going to church as a family is also at the top of his list. Dalton was asked recently what he might wish for if he had three wishes. His reply was to have his own forever family, be able to go to college, and be able to play professional sports. Dalton is one who loves to share life's experiences along with "real life" funny stories mixed with a good joke here and there. Dalton is a very talented and gifted youth with much to give and a desire to share joy with others. His heart is holding out for his own family who will receive him, stand with him, encourage him, challenge him, and have genuine expectations of where he is coming from and where he wants to go.

Dalton has experienced some difficult times in his life, as well as some real let downs from those he looked up to. He knows nobody is perfect, including him, and he is still hopeful for a family who will remain committed to him no matter what. He desires a family that will love him for who he is and challenge him with more than just words, but with a consistent life that shows they are really in his corner. Dalton is looking for a family who will "come out on the court" and spend some time with him. He will need an experienced family who understands his past. His family will allow him to have his own voice and be equipped to hear what is on his mind and in his heart as they graciously "come out on the court" to make that careful and lasting connection.