David from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age12
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81694

David is an intelligent and articulate child with a high level of introspection. He is very social and independent. He is kind and cares very much for his fellow peers. David is a renaissance kid as he has many diverse interests! He loves to read all kinds of books. He is also an avid sports fan. David loves to watch football, basketball, and soccer, but he loves to play them even more. One of his dreams is to be able to attend Texas Christian University and play college football. He wants to be a wide receiver or running back. Skateboarding is one of his hobbies. David is also a master at video games. You name the game and he has played it! He enjoys Lego building too. He is interested in learning how to do wood burning. David enjoys art such as drawing. He hopes he will also be able to join choir again. David expressed that he does not like roller coasters, oceans, not being able to see the bottom of a swimming pool, and he hates not being prepared for changes.

David is able to verbalize his dreams of a family. He hopes for a mom who has time to listen to him with a non-judgmental manner. David wants parents who will cheer him on at his football games and attend his choir concerts. He wants to make his family proud. A family who wants to spend time helping him grow his interests will make a huge difference in his outlook on himself. A family with a calm manner will help give him "felt safety." David is most familiar with being around female caregivers and is comfortable with having a single mom, two moms or a mom and dad family. He is open to a single dad or a two dad family but may need more adjustment time. David has some street smarts about him so a family who is not naive about preteen and teen issues is important. He will do best with a family who will offer him a strong sense of belonging. He is a strong believer in Christianity and wants to be able to develop and grow in his faith. He needs a bit more attention and therefore, will flourish in a home with fewer siblings. David suggested his first visit with his adoptive family will be to go eat Chinese food together.

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