David from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age13
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81694

David is an intelligent child with a high level of introspection. He is very social and independent. He is kind and caring and cares very much for his fellow peers. David needs to be constantly challenged to stay on task. He loves to read all kinds of books. He is also an avid sports fan. David loves to watch football and soccer, but he loves to play it even more. He is hoping to, not only be on a high school football team, but also on a college team when he gets older. He wants to be a running back. David is also a master at video games. You name the game and he has played it! He enjoys Lego building too! David is a very well rounded child.

David needs to be shown kindness and love and be reassured that the family he joins is his "forever family." He will do best with a family who will offer him a strong sense of belonging. David desires a family who will provide him spiritual guidance. He is a strong believer in Christianity and wants to be able to develop and grow in his faith. David will do well in a one- or two-parent family. He needs a bit more attention and, therefore, will flourish in a home with fewer siblings.

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