Devin from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age9
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82023

Devin is a clever child who enjoys playing outside on nice sunny days. When he can?EUR(TM)t play outside, you can find him playing his favorite video games, such as ?EURoeDragon Ball Z.?EUR Devin is a very sweet, loving child who will find a way to brighten your day. He wants to find a family that will be just as flexible as he is about having fun indoors or outside. He is still learning to swim and enjoys playing in the pool as long as he can stand up in it. Devin loves dogs and would enjoy being with a family that has one.

Devin hopes his forever family will be outgoing and active. He is open to all types of families. He does not have a preference for living in the city or in the country. Devin hopes his family will have dogs. He is prepared for adoption and ready to join his forever family. Devin is willing to consider out-of-state and local families. He enjoys playing with other kids and will blend well with a family that has children. He mentioned it would be great if the other kids also like to play soccer. Devin's family will need to be strong advocates for him in the school environment.