Diana from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age6
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79908

Diana is an energetic young girl. She is full of energy and enjoys playing. Diana does not like being treated like the baby of the family because she often is told that she is too little. She likes being independent and wants to show others that she is a big girl. Diana tries her hardest to keep up with her siblings. She enjoys imaginative play and likes to dress up in princess clothing. She likes playing with dolls, Barbie's, and teddy bears. Diana also likes tiara's and princess movies. She loves the movie Frozen and watches it several times a day. Diana likes to watch music videos and loves to watch people on television dance. She has a love for music and is interested in dance lessons and cheerleading. Diana likes going to the park and riding her bike. She likes animals and is not afraid of pets. Diana is very smart. She knows her numbers, colors, and shapes. She loves nursery rhymes and enjoys story time. Her favorite thing is being read a bedtime story. Diana is very easy to love and enjoys attention. She likes being around people who take a genuine interest in her.

Marcos, Fannin and Diana are a very sweet sibling group. The children get along great and love spending time together. They enjoy watching television, playing games, and riding their bikes together. Fannin and Diana share a love for playing with dolls. Marcos is very shy when he first meets others but eventually opens up. He is a very well behaved child who enjoys attending school and he does very well in school. Fannin is also very shy, but she shows her outgoing personality when she gets to know others. She also enjoys going to school and has made many great friends at school. Diana is shy at first, but she has a happy, bubbly personality. She is girly and loves to play dress up with her dolls. Marcos, Fannin, and Diana may seem shy at first, but once you get to know them, you will see their wonderful, individual personalities. They are a wonderful group who love to laugh together.

A structured family will be suitable for Diana. She needs a loving, patient, nurturing family who will establish clear boundaries, limits, and expectations. Her family will need to establish positive and negative consequences for her behavior and consistently follow through with the consequences. Diana also needs a family who will continue to provide age appropriate activities in order to facilitate in her development

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