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Divion from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age11
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81877

D'ivion is a quiet boy who is slow to warm up. Once he is comfortable, he will talk your ear off. D?EUR(TM)ivion is feisty and shares an immensely close bond with his siblings. Although he does not currently reside with them, he visits them monthly. D?EUR(TM)ivion does well for a while, but he struggles with some feelings of anger when his heartache kicks in due to not being with his siblings. In school, he continues to learn ways to control his feelings and has had fewer incidents than in the past. D?EUR(TM)ivion likes to be on the go playing with other children in the neighborhood; either playing football, basketball, or anything that allows him to be outdoors. He enjoys going out to eat and doing "family style" activities. D'ivion longs for a family that will adopt him and his siblings so they can remain together.

Eri'uana, Errick, D'ivion, and Errion are a closely bonded sibling group who value family and the moments they create together. As the oldest, Eri'uana tends to take on a caregiver role to her brothers. She has had to learn to put this role on the backseat and embrace being a teenager. Errick is athletic and active. D'ivion is full of energy and likes to talk! Errion is also talkative and is working on trusting others. Errick and Errion are close and protect each other. They have a very loving relationship. Eri'uana, Errick, D'ivion, and Errion have normal sibling rivalries, but they are able to overcome their differences. The children enjoy spending time doing activities as a family.

Eri'uana, Errick, D'ivion, and Errion need a family with lots of patience. Their family will need to be able to provide structure and routine to help the children get acclimated to their new home. Preferably, the family will be experienced and willing to adopt all of the children together. Eri'uana, Errick, D'ivion, and Errion will need to continue to participate in supportive services individually and with their forever family. It is very important for them to stay in touch with their grandmother, so their forever family needs to be willing to maintain this family connection.

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