Dylan from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age14
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #76722

Dylan is often quiet and thoughtful. He likes video games and card collection games. He is a very good helper at home and keeps his room very organized. He is curious and likes to figure out how things work and to learn new how-to skills. Dylan loves action-type activities such as skating, bike riding, and basketball. He is an excellent student when he applies himself. At times he does need assistance and encouragement to finish his homework. He also loves his brothers very much and thinks they are the funniest little people to watch as they play. He would like to continue contact with them. Dylan?EUR(TM)s greatest desire is to have his own forever family.

Dylan needs a forever family who is consistent and patient, allowing him time to grow comfortable in his new home. A family with a high energy level is desired. Dylan will benefit from a family with experience, insight, and knowledge of child behavior management. His belongings are extremely important to him and he would prefer to either be an only child or to have only older siblings. Dylan wants to be able to maintain contact with his brothers, who are not part of this adoption, as he chooses. He will benefit from a positive male role-model who will help him through the teen years.

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