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Esther from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82140

Esther is a spirited and outgoing youth. She enjoys playing all sports; soccer and basketball being her favorites. Esther bonds quickly her caregivers and does a great deal to make them proud of her. She has a compassionate heart and cares a great deal about any person or any animal in need. Esther usually gets along well with her peers but appears to flourish as the only child in the home or with older siblings. She is quiet around strangers but usually warms up quickly and can become quite talkative. Esther is still learning how not to internalize her feelings and express them in a positive manner. She works diligently on her school assignments at school though she sometimes struggles to grasp some of the concepts in subjects like algebra and English. She has taken the initiative to attend tutoring classes to help her better learn these concepts.

Esther would love to be placed in a two parent home but is open to any family who will show her love and care for her. She would love to have an older sibling or be the only child in the home. Esther will greatly benefit from an active family who is involved in community and recreational activities. She also desires a family who has a belief in God and will support her desire to attend church. Family is extremely important to Esther and she desires a family who will allow her to maintain contact with her older sibling who is not part of this adoption.

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