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Gabriella from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82563

Gabriella, or "Gabby" as she likes to be called, is a smart loving teenager. She is really good at math and generally enjoys school. Gabby likes hanging out with her friends, and talking to her boyfriend. She is good at sports and is a bit of a tomboy as well. She has a great memory and is very family oriented. Gabby wants to go to college in the future for engineering. She does have the tendency to stretch the truth at times and but has been working on this and is improving daily. At times, Gabby can display behaviors of seeking attention from males. She also gets along with male caregivers better. Gabby really wants to find a permanent place for her to live, preferably in the north Texas area, near where she grew up.

Gabby will do well in a two parent home, with a strong male role-model. She needs caregivers that are structured, lay out very clear boundaries, and who will maintain a good daily routine. The ideal parents will be patient and provide her with praise when she does something well, and provide consistent re-direction when she breaks a rule. She would love to have a family that is active and will encourage her to participate in activities that will improve his self-esteem and social skills, especially sports. She has specifically asked for a family that is willing to have an open and honest relationship with her. She would also like a family open to letting her stay in contact with some of her biological family members.

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