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George from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age14
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #79875

George loves to be active. He likes to play video games, watch sporting events, and ride his bike. He also enjoys going to the park, out to eat, to church, and to the movies. George loves music and hopes to grow up one day to be a dancer. George attends public school and has some challenges due to his difficulty staying on task and remaining focused. He receives services at school which help him be successful. George can be very outgoing, cooperative, and compliant; however, at times he tests boundaries with authority figures. He is currently working on how to prevent these behaviors. He thrives with one on one attention and needs close supervision. George is a loveable child who likes to be helpful. He is looking forward to finding a forever family.

George needs a family who will be very supportive of him and committed to raising him to adulthood. The ideal family will be good role models for George and offer rewards for his good behavior. George will thrive with a family who sets appropriate limits, while providing him with affection, love, guidance and nurturance. The best family for George will be comfortable advocating for him in the educational setting' ensuring that his educational needs are met. He needs close supervision, structure and guidance with consistency and patience. George will do well in a one or two parent family.

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