Iris from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age16
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #77789

Iris is a very sweet, sensitive, and loving person. She is compassionate and thoughtful towards others. Iris enjoys going out on family outings and spending quality time learning family values. She enjoys being active and social. Iris likes to go out as family to restaurants or to go get an ice cream. Other times, Iris likes to spend time with her friends bowling or at amusement parks. She enjoys participating in community activities, going to church, and participating in school events. Because Iris thinks about the needs and feelings of others, she would love to have a family who volunteers and gives back to the community. She is very outspoken and able to clearly articulate her feelings and desires. She will make a great advocate one day. Like most girls her age, Iris enjoys fashion and going to the mall, as well as listening to music on her IPod. She responds well when she receives love and feels safe. Overall, Iris is a pleasure and reciprocates love and affection. At school, Iris is working hard to catch up and is doing well. She recently received an award for her academic achievements. Iris has progressed in speech therapy and now speaks both Spanish and English well. She continues to progress utilizing weekly resources. Iris is honest and courageous when facing issues, as she desires to heal and be whole. She works hard and accepts consequences. She is enjoying being an adolescent and being taken care of by others. Iris is excited about a new life with her forever family. She would like to be the only or youngest child so she can receive more one-on-one attention. Iris is learning to appreciate herself daily. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the North Texas.

Iris will do well with a family who is structured and able to enforce consistent rules and boundaries. She will do well in a home where there are no younger children. Iris needs a family who will give her unconditional love and support. They will understand her past and appreciate her desire to move forward. Her family will provide care and supervision to assist her in overcoming issues. It is important for her forever family to be open to her having continued contact with her siblings and some family members, if she chooses to do so.