Iris from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange


Iris is a very delightful little girl. She loves having a lot of attention. She enjoys school and learning new ideas and tasks. Iris loves playing with other children her age. She is very bashful at times but she loves smiling and laughing. Iris loves taking pictures and making others smile. She can sometimes be very active and energetic. Iris is very friendly and loves having fun. She is very likable and an extraordinary girl. Iris is very charming and confident youth who loves school and making new friends. She is very polite and soft spoken. Iris loves being the boss of her younger brother.

Esly, Iris, and Eian are very attached to each other. They love being together but will at times have typical sibling conflicts. They love playing games with each other. Esly, Iris, and Eian are very protective of each other; when one cries, the other two will come running to make sure that they are ok. Esly, Iris, and Eian have a sibling bond that is very strong. They love having all the attention when others are around. Esly, Iris, and Eian are very interactive with each other. Each child brings their own uniqueness. Esly definitely assumes responsibility as the oldest child. Iris, as the only girl, admires her brothers but has no problem in voicing her mind when with them. Elan is the baby of the three and he is very energetic and full of life.

Iris will benefit greatly from a home that is caring and understanding. She will do best with a family who can provide consistent structure and boundaries, as well as love and affection. Iris needs a family who is able to deal with and understand her needs and help to address them as well. Iris will benefit greatly from a family who understand age appropriate discipline as well as structure. Iris will do well in a family that accepts her and her siblings and knows how to take an interest in the things she likes as the only girl in the sibling group.

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