Isaac from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age14
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80497

Isaac is an energetic and outgoing youth who is always willing to lend a hand around the house. He likes to play basketball with friends, watch television, and play board games. Isaac enjoys school and works hard in school. He likes history and science classes the most. He has several friends he enjoys hanging out with at school. Isaac likes to spend his days outside playing basketball or tag football. Although he is not sure yet what he wants to do after he graduates, he is thinking about attending a technical school, where he can learn a skill such as welding, heating/air conditioning (H-VAC), or plumbing. He doesn't want to defer life for too long; he wants to live it! Isaac loves animals, especially dogs, and knows how to take care of them. He would like to have other pets, too. Visit me at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Isaac's family will need to be highly structured and well organized. He needs a family that knows how to stay busy. His family will be patient with educational issues and show appropriate affection and rewards for positive behaviors. An active family is important for Isaac. Isaac is willing to be flexible so everyone can be together and enjoy each other's company. He is looking for a family that will help him find his way through the teenage years and into adulthood with the right tools.