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Isaiah from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age8
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81779

Isaiah enjoys being around his siblings. He is a smart child. Isaiah loves to play tag and tell 'knock knock' jokes. He played football for the Texas Youth Football Association last football season. He also likes to play video games and watch movies. Isaiah also likes to play checkers. He enjoys super hero movies, and especially likes Captain America. Isaiah likes to go camping and swimming in the summer time when it is warm outside. He is active in church and likes going to church. Isaiah has a great sense of humor and likes to be funny. His favorite foods include pretzels, tacos, and broccoli.

Justin, Isaiah, and Skyler are full of energy and share a magnetic bond with one another which is apparent to anyone who sees them together. They love outdoor things such as hunting, fishing, and camping. The boys also like to race, draw, and do puzzles together. Justin is the leader of the pack. He is a bright child and is always looking for excitement. He loves to play video games, play organized sports or just be outside. His favorite food is burritos. Isaiah is a smart and funny child. He is the character of the bunch and is definitely a people pleaser. He likes to tell 'knock knock' jokes. Isaiah's favorite foods include pretzels, tacos, and broccoli. Skyler is an outgoing boy who enjoys playing with his siblings. He likes going to the park, playing on the WII game, and going swimming. Skyler's favorite foods include cake, pizza, and watermelon. These three are uniquely talented and will do just about anything that will give them a challenge and keep them on their toes. Visit us at the Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Isaiah would like a family that has a mom and a dad. He would like to be with his two brothers. Isaiah would also like a family who goes to church. He would like a family that does outdoor things such as hunting and camping. The children would love to be with a family that likes to swim, participate in organized sports, and play games outside.

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