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Isaiah from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age11
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82454

Isaiah is a very happy child who enjoys noises and sounds. He gets extremely excited when he hears new voices or sounds; they really get his body moving! Isaiah loves to feel around and find the source of any noises he hears, please don't be alarmed, he is very gentle and kind. He is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and needs assistance with activities of daily living. Isaiah's communication is limited to yelps and grunts, however he loves to communicate. Isaiah loves to play with his toys, feeling objects and listening to music. He enjoys eating and his favorite foods are cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes. Isaiah enjoys the outdoors and really wishes to become more independent and to be mobile without a wheelchair. Visit me at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Isaiah will best benefit from a family who has a lot of patience. Since Isaiah will likely not be able to live independently, he will need a family who understands his long term medical needs. Isaiah's communication is limited to grunts, moans, yelps, etc. A family who is in tune with his form of communication will best suit his needs. Although Isaiah uses a wheelchair and his mobility is limited, a family who can be creative in thinking outside the box will be a great match as they could involve Isaiah in extracurricular activities to ensure he stays involved within his community.

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