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Isaias from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81919

Isaias is a happy and sweet boy. He is always smiling. He loves to play video games, but he also loves sports. Like his brother, his favorite sports are soccer and basketball. Isaias loves to go swimming. Some of his favorite things to eat are pizza, tacos, and Chick-fi-a. Isaias does very well in school and is very intelligent. He wishes to grow up to be a doctor. Isaias has been taking guitar lessons and loves to sing and play the guitar. He loves to give hugs and desires positive attention. If Isaias had one wish, it would be to have a loving family.

Jose and Isaias are brothers who are overall happy children. Jose and Isaias enjoy playing sports and video games. Jose and Isaias have a good relationship with one another. Isaias looks up to Jose and enjoys following in his footsteps. Jose takes his role as a big brother seriously, and looks out for the best interest of Isaias. Jose loves sports, but has never played on a sports team. He greatly desires to be involved in a sports team. Isaias is very intelligent. He loves learning. Isaias is a sweet boy who loves giving hugs. Both Jose and Isaias, desire to have a loving forever home.

Isaias desire a family with a mother and a father. He needs a loving, gentle mother, and a father who can be a strong male role model. Isaias will thrive with a family who provides the guidance and support he needs to meet his goals.

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