Isis from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age9
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82620

Meet Isis; she is a fun-loving, social child! She is playful, full of joy, and a favorite to those around her. Isis loves to make silly faces and be tickled by trusted adults. Her favorite color is pink. Some of her hobbies include playing with baby dolls and Barbie?EUR(TM)s; playing with clay or playdough; playing video games; going outside; and listening to music. Taylor Swift is one of her favorite artists and she loves to sing along. One of Isis?EUR(TM) dreams is to have her own American Girl Doll. Isis is proud of the fact that she has learned how to cook a few things and hopes her forever family will teach her more. Reading is not something she likes to do often, but she likes the ?EURoeCat Wings?EUR series, as kittens are her favorite. Isis is very intelligent. She benefits from encouragement to work hard in school. Writing is her hardest subject, but art and math are her easiest and favorite subjects. Isis enjoys the social aspects of school the most. She would really love to go eat sushi with her forever family!

Antuan and Isis enjoy outings and spending time with each other. Although they don?EUR(TM)t currently reside together, they see each other frequently. When they are together, they enjoy climbing trees, swimming, playing video games, and sharing a meal. Although Antuan is older than Isis, he tends to act younger and prefers to play by himself. He knows so much about video games; he can describe his favorite game ?EURoeHalo?EUR in detail with sounds and hand movements! Isis is very social, outgoing, and interactive with adults and peers. She has a diverse array of interests, such as playing with baby dolls and Barbie?EUR(TM)s; swimming; and going outside. Antuan and Isis are honest and admit they argue on occasion, like most typical siblings. Despite this, they share a close bond, and Isis said they even cry together when they are sad. Antuan and Isis have an older brother who is not part of this adoption. They have a healthy relationship with him and want to maintain contact. Visit us at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Isis hopes her forever family will be willing to allow their older brother, who is not part of this adoption, to come and visit. The sibling relationship is very important to her and one of her biggest deal breakers. She is not open to moving far away from the Central Texas area, thus a Texas family is preferred. An active family who enjoys going out to eat, shopping, and doing things as a family is ideal. Isis doesn?EUR(TM)t have any issues with transitions, but she says she does get carsick. She shared that she desires a mom and a dad who are active in the Christian faith. Isis is open to having a younger sister. Her dream is to live on a farm with a lot of animals. The most important factor for Isis is love!