Jaila from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age9
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #82723

Jaila is a loving and caring youth. Jaila has a soft spoken voice and is very talkative. She tends to be overly excited when talking about things and has to be reminded to wait her turn. Jaila is friendly and gets along with others easily. She enjoys playing soccer and is interested in continuing to play. Besides soccer, Jaila enjoys watching TV, coloring, and drawing. Jaila enjoys spending time with her siblings and playing with dolls. She is open to trying new activities. Jaila is helpful around the house. PE, art, and computers are her favorite subjects in school. She has expressed an interest in becoming a doctor when she gets older. Her favorite foods include pizza, chicken, and turkey.

Jalaina, Michael, Jaila, and Jay would like to find a family who is committed to keeping them together. The children enjoy playing together and making up games to keep themselves occupied. When they stop playing with one another, at times, disagreements arise. The children do test boundaries in new situations. For the most part they get along well. Jalaina is the oldest and tends to act as the motherly figure. She is shy and reserved. Michael is the most outgoing of the four. He enjoys hanging out with others and making new friends. He likes for his voice to be heard. Jaila is the helper of the group. She has a soft voice, but makes sure her voice is heard. Jay is the youngest of the group. He is outgoing like his brother. Jay enjoys activities that involve his siblings.

Jaila is anxiously awaiting her forever home! She will do best in a two parent household. Jaila prefers a family who enjoys being active. She wants a family who believes in God. Jaila is open to a family that already has children in the home. She doesn't mind if pets are in the home. Jaila needs a family who has experience with raising children. Parents who are patient, proactive, and flexible will be ideal. Jaila will acclimate best in a home that is structured.

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