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Jairius from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #78648

Jairius is a shy, smart, and loving youth. He generally is very friendly but sometimes has to work hard to control his emotions by using his calming skills. He does very well with the techniques given to him. Jairius is a very friendly child. He enjoys time to himself and playing on computers. Jairius likes being outside and playing sports when he gets the chance. He especially likes football both watching and playing the game. Jairius loves to be around other children but he would love to be the only child. Jairius aims to please and would thrive with one on one attention.

Jairius desires a loving, patient, and kind hearted family who will give him his forever home. His dream family will provided him with support, understanding, and firm structure as he builds strong attachments, trust, and learns to feel secure in his home. Jairius is ready to be embraced with love and assurance, by a family. He wishes for his family to advocate for his educational needs and he looks for encouragement to learn. Jairius needs a family who will show him lots of love and attention. Jairius needs a family who will get him involved in activities outside of computers and TV.

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