James from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age16
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #52656

James is a very nice and friendly youth who enjoys the outdoors. He likes to play video games on his PSP and do normal teenage activities. James can be very respectful. He enjoys attention and looks forward to finding a forever family. James may require additional educational services to reach his full potential in school. He needs help concentrating on homework. He does better with encouragement at home and at school. His teachers believe he has good academic potential and will excel with some tutoring. James needs guidance with consequences or redirection. He can be quarrelsome at times. James sometimes tries to negotiate his discipline and can be very convincing. He is working on relating to others appropriately and learning to take responsibility for his own behaviors. James is a great child who needs direction, guidance, encouragement, and patience.

James is looking for a family he is able to trust and who will love him unconditionally. He wants a dedicated family who will not give up on him. James will benefit from a well-structured and very experienced family who will provide a great deal of one-on-one attention. He will do better as the youngest child or only child. He needs a family willing to let him bond with them in his own time. It is very important to James that his thoughts and opinions are valued.

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