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Jazmin from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age7
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81718

Jazmin is a friendly, charming, and caring child who is very sweet towards others. She enjoys a diversity of activities, such as reading, coloring, watching TV, using the computer, and playing indoors and outdoors. Jazmin's favorite activity is to go out on family outings, such as to the park, library, or Chuck E Cheese. Jazmin enjoys talking to people around her, as she is learning how to express her thoughts and ideas. She interacts well with her peers and continues to learn skills through positive social interactions. Jazmin is doing well in school and she enjoys taking on new responsibilities.

Juan, Aliah, Jazmin, and Jaylynn are an active group who get along well with each other. Like most siblings, they argue and disagree on things occasionally. Juan is smart, witty, and active. He enjoys technology and is always trying to learn something new. He is the leader of the sibling group. He is helpful and likes to assist his younger sisters with tasks such as homework and chores. Aliah is smart and strong-willed. She takes on a teacher role with her younger sisters by teaching them math and spelling. She is described as the mentor, as she is always trying to guide her siblings and enjoys taking charge of situations. Juan and Aliah tend to argue about who is in charge, but they usually end up working things out. They bump heads on which shows to watch and which games to play, but they look out for one another and are able to get along. Jazmin is sweet, caring, talkative, and social. She has an easy-going personality that captures everyone around her. Jaylynn is the shy one of the group; however, once she gets to know you, she opens up like a flower. She enjoys playing with her Legos, watching TV, and talking about her day. She gets the most attention from her siblings, since she is the youngest. Jazmin and Jaylynn spend the majority of their time together, since they are closer in age. They are like two peas in a pod and interact well with one another. Jazmin likes to share what she is learning in school with Jaylynn. She likes to hang out with her older siblings to learn about the subjects they are learning as well. Juan, Aliah, Jazmin, and Jaylynn are a wonderful sibling group who want to be adopted together.

Jazmin will do well with a family that is education-oriented and able to assist her with her school work. She requires constant positive reinforcement with her progress in school. Jazmin needs a family that is able and willing to offer her stability, a safe home environment, and a room of her own. She wants to be adopted with her siblings and needs a family who will adopt them together. Jazmin wants a family who loves her and shows her they love her back.