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Jazmine from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age17
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80076

Jazmine is a very outgoing youth with a bubbly personality. She loves doing things typical of girls her age, such as going to the mall and market. Talking to her friends about girl things makes her laugh and she likes to play and have a good time. Jazmine has a caring heart and helps her caregivers with the younger children in the home. She absolutely loves school and wishes she could go all year long. She is involved in ROTC and it is her favorite part of school. Jazmine does fairly well academically, but does have slight struggles in some of her classes. She takes initiative to get help from her teachers if she feels she needs it. Jazmine strives to do her best.

Jazmine, Gilbert, and Olivia play well together and they like to participate in various activities. They all love each other very much. Like many sibling groups, their personalities conflict at times. The oldest child, Jazmine, acts more in a parental role toward her younger siblings. Olivia loves her sister and both girls can sometimes have playful banter with their brother. Gilbert likes to annoy his sisters, as little brothers tend to do. Overall, this terrific trio loves each other and loves to do things together. Jazmine, Gilbert, and Olivia have a dynamic relationship that is magnetic and shows a true genuine bond.

Jazmine will benefit from a two parent family. Her family will need to be able to meet her needs, along with being sensitive to the needs of her siblings. Jazmine would love to be part of a family who allows her to continue being a role model for her siblings. Her family will also need to understand balancing the capabilities of her age and allowing her to continue to be a child. Jazmine thrives with structure and would like for her forever family to support her interests and academics. This sibling group needs a family who will be patient and understanding and help all of the children as they adjust to the idea of integrating into a new family.