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Jehonadab from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80705

Jehonad has a very sweet and mild mannered personality. Jehonadab prefers to be called "Jimi". He is very intelligent and does really well in school. He is polite and very respectful of others; peers and adults alike. Jimi participates in regular education classes and was recently awarded for outstanding academic performance. He enjoys reading and working on science projects. Outside of academics, Jimi enjoys basketball, football, skating, and video games. Jimi even considers himself to be a "competitive gamer". He is very helpful with household chores and keeps his room neat and clean. Jimi also enjoys outdoor household tasks, such as washing the car, mowing the lawn, and walking the dog. He is an average teenager who is looking forward to one day participating in High School athletics. Jimi is a growing teenager who enjoys eating. He says that he does not have a favorite food; he says that he will try anything at least once. Jimi has a desire to be adopted by a family who will love and nurture him and provide him with a normal life.

Jimi will do best in a home with a strong positive male figure. He thrives when he has structure, age appropriate discipline, and age appropriate attention. Jimi likes to spend time outside participating in sports and other household activities; which may require extra time from the parent(s). He does not consider himself a "perfect" child and he does not want a "perfect" family. Jimi does want a family that is willing to love him, nurture him, and provide him with a stable family environment.