Jesse from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age12
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81337

Jesse is a very athletic child who hopes to be a professional NFL or NBA player when he grows up. He loves to draw and play video games. Jesse is also very good at putting things together and he loves to build things with Legos. He also enjoys fun outdoor activities and would like to go fishing with his forever family. Jesse enjoys watching and playing football, basketball, and baseball. He enjoys school and does well. Jesse is working on being able to open up more with his caregivers to discuss any issues. He sometimes feels embarrassed or ashamed. Jesse loves animals, especially dogs.

Katelynn and Jesse love each other and get along well together. Like most typical siblings, they also enjoy their individual "me" time. They get along well with other siblings in their foster home too. Katelynn is at the age when girls like to focus on themselves and be social with their friends. Jesse enjoys school and does well getting along with his peers. Both children are happy to be living together in the same home. They have disagreements, like many siblings, but they are forgiving of each other's faults. Katelynn and Jesse share similar tastes in food and they both like to be active. They hope to have a pet in their forever home.

Jesse would like his forever family to know he likes school and has been on the honor roll. He hopes his forever family will take him fishing and do fun outdoor activities with him. Jesse loves animals, especially dogs, and would like a dog in his home. Jesse's ideal home is a two-parent family with good role models.