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Jessica from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age12
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #78746

Jessica is a sweet child who gets along with everybody. She loves to do arts and crafts. Her favorite toys are her American Girl doll, her colors, and her purse. Jessica is very nurturing. She does well with animals and small children. Jessica enjoys sports activities, such as soccer and baseball, even though she has never had the chance to play on a team. She loves all kinds of food, but her favorites are noodles, cookies, and salad with tomatoes. Jessica likes school. Math and science are her favorite subjects. She also loves "girly" things, like makeup and earrings. Jessica loves to help others and is very helpful around the house. She enjoys doing chores and earning money. Jessica loves to be around other people. She stated that the best word to describe her is "happy." Jessica can be hasty at times and sometimes acts before thinking. She will often test the limits and will benefit from a good role model to show her how to get along better with her sister.

Jessica and Monica are very bonded to each other. They have always been together and want a family who will keep them together. Jessica and Monica do have some sibling competitiveness, which is normal for children so close in age. They are very protective of each other. Both girls enjoy playing house and pretending to be the mom. Jessica is a sweet and funny girl. She loves to help out around the house by cleaning, cooking, taking out the trash, and washing dishes. She also enjoys feeding and tending to the animals. Monica is a caring and energetic girl. She loves to color and do arts and crafts. She also loves to read and will read to anyone who will listen. Jessica and Monica do well with animals and other children. They stated that they enjoy sports activities and want a family who will encourage them to participate in athletic activities.

Jessica is looking for a loving and caring family. She would like a family with a mother and a father. She would love to have a family with other siblings, along with her sister, but will do better in a home where she will get lots of individual attention. Jessica needs a family who will commit to her and her sister and keep them together. She needs a family who will provide her with structure, stability, and consistency. She needs to be given time to bond with her new family and adjust to new surroundings. Jessica will need supportive services to help her adjust to an adoptive family.

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