Jessy from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age15
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #81540

Jessy is a very sweet and loving boy. He may come across as shy and timid at first, and takes his time in trusting others. Jessy loves playing chess, and is a great player! He is very close to all of his siblings and loves them very much. He is happiest when they are making memories together. Jessy gets along great with all of his siblings. He is very smart and aspires for great things in life. Jessy is looking forward to furthering his education and is very excited to go to college. He enjoys being a teen and enjoys playing outdoors, watching TV, playing video games, and interacting with kids his age. Jessy is the second oldest, but definitely takes on the big brother role very seriously. He is very protective of his siblings.

Joanna, Jessy, Jesus, Alfredo, Adrian, and Micaela are all genuinely sweet children. They get along well with each other and struggle with living in separate homes. They dream about belonging to a family and living together. Joanna relishes in taking care of her younger brother, Jesus. She likes to play video games with him and will run around outside in the park with him just to see him smile at her. Joanna's favorite sport is basketball and she plays it very well. Jesus enjoys playing with children his age. He loves to be the center of attention. Jessy loves visiting with Joanna and Jesus. He is very loving, and the big brother of the group. Jessy is very protective, and wishes to be together as a family. Jose Alfredo and Jose Adrian have the closest relationship of the group as they are twins. They have similar interest, and both love playing chess, participating in tournaments, playing video games, and doing things as a family. Alfredo is the more talkative and outgoing of the twins, while Adrian is more shy and quiet. Micaela is the baby of the group and loves being the center of attention. Joanna and Jesus take advantage of every visit they have with their siblings to enjoy each other?EUR(TM)s company. They are all sociable and make friends easily.

Jessy needs a family who is very loving, and caring. He has some difficulty trusting others and needs a dedicated family who will show him he is able to be loved and cared for. He will do well with a family who is fun, but will be able to also provide structure and direction. Jessy can be very nervous and anxious, and his ultimate dream is to be together with all of his siblings as a family.

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