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Jimmie from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age13
  • GenderF
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80579

Jimmie is a resilient and caring young girl. She places the needs of others above herself and desires a forever home. Jimmie likes listening to music, going to church, and singing in the choir. She benefits from group and social activities that build on her strengths. Jimmie is very tough on the outside but also very sweet and kindhearted. She has a fear of losing things and can become emotional when her feelings get hurt. Her favorite foods are pizza and spaghetti. Jimmie is mature for her age. She has learned ways to manage her behavior in a positive way. She has had difficulty with self-esteem in the past that she is learning to overcome. Jimmie wishes are to have a good education, to graduate college, and become a lawyer.

Jimmie will benefit from a family who will encourage her and give her plenty of guidance. She needs a stable, consistent and nurturing home in which rules, boundaries, and expectations are clearly defined. Jimmie will benefit from structure and frequent feedback on her behavior from a caregiver who is compassionate, loving, and understanding. Her family will be willing to continue to support sibling connections in some way. She needs guidance from parents who can model positive behaviors she can carry with her through adulthood. Jimmie will also benefit from a family who is active in the community and church.