Joe from Texas

Texas Adoption Exchange

  • Age10
  • GenderM
  • LocationTexas
  • Case #80514

Joe is a fun loving boy that enjoys playing outside, riding bikes, or throwing around a football. He likes watching televised football games and thinks going to high school games or to see a professional game would be awesome! He hopes to join a junior football or basketball team someday so he can learn more football and basketball skills. Joe has an inquisitive mind and he likes to ask a lot of questions, he is open to learning but does struggle in the classroom setting. He has been working hard in school and had a good year last year. Joe has siblings who live in Texas who are not part of this adoption, but he would enjoy visits with them when possible.

Joe will thrive in a very structured setting with a family who will help firmly guide him in making good choices. A family with no younger children perhaps, but children of a similar age or older might be best for Joe. An older brother could model good behavioral choices for Joe and this might work well for him. Sisters of a younger age in the home may not be a good fit for him. Joe will do well with a two parent family or with an independent single male parent family. A family who will maintain his supportive services, is needed. Joe's family will need to be trained in specific strategies to assure he is given a voice, fear is minimized, and he is able to build trust.